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“There is one person who contributed immensely to this project, although he didn’t enter the project until near the end. Ross mixed 9 of the 11 songs and I have never been happier with any mixes in my life. After the songs are written, the performances are done, and the recording is over, its all up to the mixer. Mixing is an art and Ross is a true master. He literally lived this music for the last month, putting in every waking hour. Ross, your artistry, passion and attention to detail are truly amazing. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again.There is no one else I would rather work with.”
-Edgar Winter; Multi Platinum Recording Artist

“Ross has a wonderfully relaxed attitude and creates an atmosphere that truly allows the musicians to expand and relax into their best performances.They don’t feel rushed, they don’t feel pressured. It’s very much ‘let the good things come naturally.”
-Melissa Etheridge; Grammy Winning Recording Artist

“Ross and I have been friends for many years. I have watched him develop, adapt and change over these years. The love and care Ross puts into the sound and the projects he’s involved with had gained him my respect and appreciation.

Ross is one of my favorite studio engineers as well as live sound mixers. I recommend him highly for any type of project.”
-Jim Keltner; World Renowned Drummer and Musician …. (John Lennon, Rolling Stones, Ry Cooder, Neil Young)

” I finally had the pleasure of going into the studio with my friend Stephen Bruton. He is one of the premier singer songwriters on the planet, as far as I’m concerned. He has tremendous feel when it comes to playing acoustic or electric guitar, his vocal is tethered just outside and inside the pocket of what he plays creating a wonderful push and pull.

Capturing the magic is the trick in the studio. Ross Hogarth did a fine, fine job of doing just that. His comments and suggestions were always simply stated, and made a positive impact on how the song was interpreted.

Ross made it flawless as to when I could switch from one instrument to the other (B-3 to piano to wurlitzer), depending on the song and our on the spot decision making, without breaking the flow of the session. You can’t ask for more than that when all you want to do is play the music.

My thanks to Stephen Bruton for including me on the project and a very special thanks to Ross Hogarth for his sensitivity to the music, while making it so easy and fun in the studio.”
-Bill Payne; Keyboard Player, Songwriter and Founding Member of Little Feat

“I always enjoy working with Ross because he really loves his work. His enthusiasm drives him to get incredible sounds on all instruments in the studio. I’ve worked with him with such artists as John Mellencamp,Melissa Etheridge, John Fogerty, Hall and Oates, Jon Bon-Jovi and Bob Seger.

He’s the dude who get’s me the best drum sounds I ever get. I always look forward to working with Ross because he gives 150% and it inspires me TO SLAM!”
-Kenny Aronoff; Drummer Extrodinaire …. (John Mellencamp, Smashing Pumpkins, Melissa Etheridge, John Fogerty, Joe Cocker)

“Ross Hogarth has been my loyal and trusted employee. His ability to adapt to any and all situations was an asset to my studio and to my music.

Ross is a versatile and self-motivated person. He has the capacity to work under high pressure. with high demands, producing excellent results with a positive attitude.”
-Giorgio Moroder; Grammy and Academy award winning producer, (Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop1and 2, Top Gun, Donna Summer)

“To work with Ross is always a pleasure. Great attitude! Great sounds! Great ideas!”
-Larry Carlton; Grammy award winning guitarist

“There are no half measures when it comes to Ross Hogarth! He’s a big guy with huge talent, and the heart of a true artist!…….not to mention the chops!

On every project we have done together , from Jewel to Melissa Etheridge to Ziggy Marley to John Fogerty, Ross lives and breathes every song!……….and makes sure they sound the best they possibly can from the bottom to the top. Deep strong bass(…thanks man!), rich vocals, and everything in between.

Ross will do everything to capture the very essence of an artist at that moment in their life. What more can one ask for! “
-Paul Bushnell; World Class Bass Player/Songwriter/Producer …. (Jewel, Elton John, Ziggy Marley, Keith Urban, Melissa Etheridge)

“Ross and I have remained good friends because of his commitment to making good music and his true understanding of musicians. This is a result of his musician/songwriter background. At every step, Ross knows the process and has the tools to get the job done. He is a true hands on producer due to the years of high pressure, high level engineering.

His sessions are balanced between the technical and the all important good vibe, and his talents are tempered with a great sense of humor that always allow the session to flow. Over the years we have worked on each other’s sessions and its always a pleasure. I look forward to projects with Ross in the future.”
-Stan Lynch; Producer/Songwriter/Original Drummer with Tom Petty …. (Don Henley, Tim McGraw, Tom Petty)

“I attribute and give credit to Ross for our strong focus on our new record. He has helped us stay really tight and in the pocket on every song. Everything sounds huge.

I guarantee that every heavy band that hears this is going to want Ross to produce their next record.”
-Dez Fafara; Singer in Devildriver

“I have personally known Ross for many years. He is one of the most quality driven individuals I have ever known. His attention to detail is to be admired. Ross is a very respected person and his people skills are an example to us all.”
-John Courage; Manager of Fleetwood Mac and Christine McVie

“Ross played a big role in the way our record sounds. He felt we needed to make a real rock record, something with heavier guitars.”Dark Days” has some of the thickest, most metal guitar sounds I have ever heard. He would make me play the parts until I nailed the groove, then he would layer 4 or 5 times, always with different amps and guitars. Then, Ross pushed the guitars right up front in the mix.”
-Meegs Rascon; Guitar player in Coal Chamber

“Ever since Toni and I first worked with Ross we were immediately impressed with what I consider to be the number one quality when it comes to truly successful people; diversification without self limitation.

He is an accomplished musician and songwriter as well as a person with the rare ability to work and create within the realm of the highly sensitive atmosphere surrounding gifted artists. His rebel with a cause attitude allow him to continue to evolve as the Ross I have always admired.”
-Daryl Dragon; of Capt. and Tenille and Owner-Operator of Rumbo Recorders